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About Us

We Are Grumpy!

Do you love the freedom of expression, wearing what you believe in, and standing for your family, friends, and culture? Whether it’s satire, current events, or a good old fashion roast, social awareness, or pure passion, we are all in! That is why we have spent countless hours sourcing and creating high-quality, low-cost apparel & accessories. Check out our vast selection - we carry an extensive range of products that are ready to ship to you. 


We were popular adults that have matriculated from trendy and young to unfiltered and well seasoned. Grumpy Uncle Apparel is a subtle cross between slapstick humor, pop culture, and current events. Our inception was in response to a feeling of hopelessness in January 2002, in rural Texas, post-9/ll. Welcome to Austin, Texas!


Our brand is edgy, awkward, and mildly inappropriate. Seriously! You might see jail release apparel, divorce humor, and specialized in outrageous taglines, bold typography, subtle crankiness, and accentuated by the comfort of being uncomfortable. “We celebrate life’s most meaningful occasions.”

Don’t take us too seriously; after all, we are one big family, and I’m your Grumpy Uncle!